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Round Backed Gig

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Materials used

Paint, Wood, Iron, Leather, Wool Box Cloth

Summary of Round Backed Gig

A Round Backed Gig with striking green and black vertical stripes on the body and bright yellow lining on the wheels. The carriage has attachments for a leather hood and would have been a striking mode of transport in its day. 

This type of two wheeled carriage was a popular mode of transport for gentlemen to travel around town in during the 1860's and 1870's. They were a well sprung and having a well upholstered seat meant it was a comfortable carriage. 


Height: 5ft

Length: 6ft 2”

Width: 5ft 3”

Wheel diameter: 4ft 2”

Full description

A Round Backed Gig has a body made of one continuous curved panel which forms the back of the seat. This carriage has a leather dash board and evidence of there having been a hood attached at some point. The Shafts are missing having broken off at a pressure point near the front of the carriage due to being stored with the shaft tips on the floor. There are two cast iron steps on each side one immediately under the shaft and one lower down. Also made of cast iron are the lamp brackets that are attached to the lower part of the body of the carriage just above the shafts which run the length of the body. The wheels are 16 spoke American Warner wheels that were once rubber shod, the rubber is now missing and on collinge patent axles. The gig is sprung on dennett springs (two side and one cross spring).

This Round Backed Gig has its body painted in dark green and black vertical stripes and yellow lining on the wheels. There are the remains of some wool cloth on seat, difficult to define the colour due to light levels and the condition on the cloth.


No visible inscriptions.

Condition report

This carriage is in poor condition and would be a large restoration project. The shafts are missing having snapped due to the tips being stored on the floor. The upholstery is missing as is the leather hood. There is considerable rust on the wheels and furniture. It does have its original paintwork surviving and considering the overall condition of the carriage the paintwork would probably clean up quite well, if only on the body.

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This Round Backed Gig is in the care of York Castle Museum.

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St Mary’s Lodge
North Yorkshire
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York Castle Museum