The Carriage Foundation is a group of experts and enthusiasts of horse-drawn vehicles. 

We aim to:

  • Bring together those with knowledge, expertise and experience of horse-drawn vehicles.
  • Compile a publically accessible register of horse-drawn vehicles
  • Provide educational resources, advice, study tours and study days
  • Report on the work of The Carriage Foundation in newsletters and journals
  • Explore the foundation of a national carriage museum

Membership with the Carriage Foundation:

Membership is not essential to attend the study tours and days. To assist in supporting the work of The Carriage Foundation and to receive newsletters and a twice yearly produced journal there is an annual subscription fee:

Standard Subscription - £10 per year (includes two news letters)

Premier Subscription -  £20 per year (includes two newsletters and two journals per year)

Corporate Subscription - £150 per year (includes two newsletters, two journals and the knowledge of having supported the charity a little more)

International Subscription - £25 per year (includes two newsletters, two journals and international postage) 

Please make contact for further details.

The Carriage Foundation are delighted to announce the publication of their first book 'The A to Z of Carriages.'

Over 276 glossy pages nearly 400 carriage types are illustrated, with a physical description and the story of how they came into being, this book is an essential for any horse-drawn carriage or historic travel enthusiast. 

The A to Z of Carriages is available to purchase for £40 from:

Amy Bracey

[email protected].uk

Telephone: 07762 930989

Proceeds from the sale go towards the work of The Carriage Foundation

Please be in touch for further information.