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Paint, Wood

Summary of Four Roan Coach Horses with Two Grooms

Oil on canvas painting of a team of four roan coach horses in a yard with two grooms. Painted by George Garrard (1760-1826).

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Four roan coach horses stand patiently whilst the two grooms attend to them and the carriage. On the left a groom, who is one of the postillion riders as he wears a postillion jacket, leads the offside lead horse away. This horse, as with the one pictured to the right with its head up, wears a postilion saddle. The other two horses are from the nearside. All of the horses wear red brow bands on their bridles. To the far right of the painting a groom is manoeuvring a posting chariot.  Two dogs run around the horses feet. The architecture of the stables and coach houses is grand with pediments, carved stonework and a gateway that leads out into a landscaped estate.

Artists profile

Artist George Garrard (1760-1826) painted sporting subjects. He was also a sculptor and engraver.

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This painting is in the care of the Tabley House Trust.

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Tabkey House Trust