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Date of Production

Circa 1840

Materials used

Paint, Wood, Canvas

Summary of The Ipswich to London Mail Coach

An oil painting of the Ipswich to London Mail Coach travelling through a snow scene. Painted by Henry Thomas Alken circa 1840.

Full description

Coach and four are moving at speed through a snow laden landscape.  The two near side horses are chestnut, the off side horses are of a darker colour.  The coach is laden with cold looking passengers. The landscape has a gate to the left and the foreground there are trees and some water. The artist has painted in an illustrative style.

Artist profile

Henry Thomas Alken was born in London in 1785 died 1851, part of a dynasty of sporting artists.

He was a prolific artist of hunting and coaching scenes.

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Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service 

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Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service