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Paint, Wood, Canvas

Summary of Lady Clifford-Constable Driving a Carriage

An oil on canvas painting of Lady Clifford-Constable driving a pony phaeton with her husband Sir Talbot on horseback behind. Painted by Joseph Walker (1831-1906).

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Lady Clifford-Constable is driving a smart roan spotted pony to a Pony Park Phaeton. She is dressed for autumnal weather in an ermine lined cape and has a cloth lined leather apron across her lap. A groom in full livery sits on the back seat and a Dalmatian dog runs alongside. Behind Lady Clifford-Constable is her husband Sir Talbot, riding a liver chestnut horse. He is dressed in hunting attire and in the background to the left of the painting is another huntsman, making this painting a hunting scene. 

Artist profile

Joseph Walker (1831-1906) painted a number of pictures featuring horses and carriages with the occasional hunting scene. He depicts horses, carriages and harness with great accuracy and seemed to have a talent for painting portraits as well.

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This painting is in a private collection.

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