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Paint, Wood, Canvas

Summary of The London to Dartford Stage Coach

Oil on canvas painting of the London to Dartford Stage Coach by John Cordrey painted in 1813.

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This is a typical Cordrey painting with the horses moving from right to left, all in step with one another, a flat landscape behind, a milestone to the left and trees to the left and right. The figures are also rather poor proportionally and wear hats too big for their heads. Despite his lack of skill in painting horses an people, Cordrey excels in his portrayal of coaches and harness. The artist may have been a coach designer as his depictons of them are very similar to coachbuilders drawings. Every last detail is painted confidently, he shows a clear knowledge of coach construction. 

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John Cordrey was an allusive artist. Exact birth and death dates are unknown and there is no record of where he actually lived. From his paintings one can surmise that he lived somewhere near London.

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This painting is in the care of the Museum of London.

Museum of London, 

150 London Wall, 


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The Museum of London