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Summary of Major General Norcliffe of Dalton Hall riding in a Russian Droshky

Oil on canvas painting of Major General Norcliffe of Dalton Hall riding in a Russian Droshky. Painted by David Dalby in 1825.

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Major General Norcliffe rides as passenger in a Russian Droshky. The coachman drives a chestnut pony that is harnessed between shafts to a small C sprung four wheeled carriage. The grey pony is attached to the side of the chestnut to assist with the pulling of the carriage. A Droshky carriage is a small low carriage where the passenger sits astride, to the side of or along a bench that runs from the front to back of the vehicle. 

Artist profile

Dalby painted equestrian scenes in an accurate, highly finished, manner.  He was from a dynasty of painters based in and around York. Between 1815 and 1826 he left York and settled in Leeds but he soon returned and married a local gir with whom he had a son who went on to be an artist and a daughter.

Dalby died in 1836 and was buried at St. Michael Le Belfry Church, York.  

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