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Quick Details

Carriage Type


Date of Production

circa 1870

Accession or Inventory Number

MNEMC 1965.2

Materials used

Paint, Wood, Iron

Summary of Sleigh

This sleigh was owned by the Mannering family of Dover who purchased it second hand in 1900.  It would accommodate two people sitting side by side and was driven by a groom who sat on the seat behind.

Sleighs were a necessity in parts of Europe where snowfall was more frequent and longer lasting, in Britain they were only really used for pleasure.


Height: 1ft 9 14" 

Length: 233cm 7ft 7 3/4"

Width: 4ft 8"

Full description

The body of this Sleigh may have come from a lady’s phaeton. It is of basketwork with a curved underside and cane woven to form spindles across the back. It was not unusual for carriage bodies to be reused on a Sleigh. The dashboard has an elegantly shaped profile with a rein rail at the top, its leather covering has perished at the edges. Behind the basket seat is a groom’s seat with a plain wood seat that has a single seat rail. The seat is supported by two iron brackets that are bolted to the crossbar at the back. A footboard for the groom’s seat is supported via two straight iron supports that are bolted to the runners. To mount the Sleigh there is a step on either side with a square skeletal footplate. 

This Sleigh has a splinter bar and a pair of shafts for use with a pair of ponies or a single horse. The undercarriage is painted maroon and the only decorative feature is an iron scroll support that is attached to the underside of the splinter bar and to the front of the runners.


There are no inscriptions on this sleigh.

Condition report

Although this Sleigh is in original condition it has components that have considerably disintergrated.  The leather dash board has perished around the edges and is now rather fragile. The seats are missing their upholstery/cushions. The runners and grooms seat seem to be in good sound condition. The basket work body is also in good condition for a fragile material and for something of this age.

Access information

This Sleigh is in the care of the Tyrwhitt-Drake Carriage Museum

Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery

St Faith's Street, 


ME14 1LH

Picture credit

Maidstone Museum and Benlfi Art Gallery/Amy Bracey