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NT 353106

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Paint, Wood, Canvas

Summary of Two Carriages Horses in a Stable

Oil on canvas painting of two black carriage horses standing in a stable yard. A groom is harnessing them to a carriage. Painted by Francis Sartorius (1734-1804).

Full description

Two fine black horses are being harnessed to a Crane Neck Phaeton. The offside horse has been attached to the carriage by the traces and the groom is about to position the nearside horse up against the pole. The horses wear full collar harness with white silk covered rosettes and brow bands on their bridles that matches the trim on the grooms livery coat.

Artists profile

Francis Sartorius was a member of a dynasty of painters. He mostly painted hunting and racing scenes and portraits of hounds and the odd cat. He exhibited at the Royal Academy on numerous occasions. His style is recognisable as being stylised and slightly naïve. 

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This painting is in the care of the National Trust, Anthony.




PL11 2QA

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The National Trust