York Castle Museum

York Castle has a diverse collection of fine art, decorative art and social history items. There are three carriages on display in the Victorian street the other carriages are in the reserve collections.



Items at "York Castle Museum"


Round Backed Gig

A Round Backed Gig with striking green and black vertical stripes on the body and bright yellow lini…


Panel Boot Victoria

A superb Victoria built by one of the top London coachbuilders Barker and Co. It doesn’t get much be…


Bow-fronted Double Brougham

This is a high quality brougham by a top London coachbuilder. Broughams are not an uncommon carriage…


Double Brougham

This Double Brougham has a standard angular appearance but has slightly more unusual ¾ elliptic spri…


Dennett Gig

This is a super carriage in completely original condition. This two wheeled carriage would have been…